Olivia Broughton


"Perfect isn't perfection, perfect is who you are and I will always love you!" - Shawn Broughton (2010) "When Alicia made a bouquet of roses The world is hanging on his lips because they are a pink Unexpected When Alicia falls asleep on Carnivorous plants Ensure But she sleeps in the arms of ivy is Alicia does not awake. Alicia sleeps A bouquet of violets rattlesnakes are dancing in her head A sweet smell of jasmine venom Of the pale cheeks of a girl vegetable When Alicia made a bouquet of roses The world is suspended But in the arms of ivy Alicia People do not wake." - Emilee Simon "Behold, King Stefan's castle, and in yonder topmost tower, dreaming of her true love, the princess Aurora. But see the gracious whim of fate. Why, 'tis the self same peasant maid, who won the heart of our noble prince but yesterday. She is indeed most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose. In ageless sleep she finds repose. The years roll by, but a hundred years to a steadfast heart are 'bout a day. And now, the gates of the dungeon part, and the prince is free to go his way. Off he rides on his noble steed..." -Sleeping Beauty; Walt Disney (1950)

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