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No power of hell or scheme of man can EVER pluck me from His hands... So Sara and I have discovered this amazing thing called "have-someone-else-write-your-about-me-and-then stick-it-in-your-favorite-quotes" So here is Sara's 'About Angie'..... "Angie. Defined by the Sara Dictionary as "an awesome, artistically talented, and comical lady". She can make 2 hour lunches fly by in a split second, and late night dance parties a million times awesomer. Extremely amusing to be around. Angie can also catch amazing moments on camera. (which we should send to America's Funniest Home Videos, btw). She's outgoing, and hilarious and life is never dull when Angie's around. Not to mention, she recommends AMAZING books, and late night conversating with Angie makes being tired the next day worth it! Oh. And next time we're sitting by each other at church, we'll have to trace more people's names that are on the screen in the air." "Sorry that your quarter has blood on it.... i had to use it to make the cut on my finger clot faster." - Rachel "I just want to take a shower and then jump into liquid nitrogen!!!! uh!" - Rachel " .. keep with the laughing... becuase on your actually wedding day i will remind you of when all of those crazy guys all want you.... and i will tell your husband all the stories.. and i will telll him htat he is the luckiest man alive! i willl also remind you of that went we are old and our bodies are falling apart! -Amy "Every time I see him I want to pee my pants. I have to go to the bathroom if i think i might see him! Seriously!" -Amy "...and there will be horses." "So Matt is playing games with his friends, and I'm in my room looking up how to kill rats!!!!" -Amy "I can't hear. I don't have my contacts in." "Look at that house!! No one can see them! It's going to get run over!!!" - Rachel on the way to Juarez

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