Nokwanda Mkhwanazi


1. "I'll never be too young to be myself" 2. ''when someone screams "nigger! nigger!'' the opulent black says, "where?"-E. Franklin Fraizer 3. "if thats art, then I'm a hottentot"-Harry S Truman 4."i never trust a man unless i have his pecker in my pocket"- Lydon B. Johnson 5." to my embarrasment i was born in bed with a lady"-Wilson Mizner 6." now i know what a statesman is- a dead politician, we need more statesmen"Bob Edwards 7."platonic love is love from the neck up"-thyra samter wilson 8. "saints are the sinners who keep going"- robrt louis stevenson 9"if you aren't going all the way, why go at all?"- joe namath 10. "it was not the apple on the tree, but the couple on the floor tht caused the trouble in the garden" 11."style is self- plaigrism" 12."give a women a job and she grows balls"

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