Naomi Lanighan


Theres a lot of them: - Everywhere you go, there you are. - I don't make mistakes, i just do research. -Get busy living or get busy dying -I know that i've got issues, but you're pretty messed up too -Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. - "You were so drunk you couldnt even spell your own face" -You'd better stand for something or you'll fall for anything -Witness the fitness! -Your playing small doesnt serve the world -Mind over Matter -You dont need a Rolex to know what the time is -It's not what you've got, its what you make of what you've got - 'I could never take a chance, on losing love to find romance...' -Love is the right person at the right time -"F*ck you, and the horse you rode in on!" - 'You have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something' - Eminem

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