Nitya Boora


Anything said by emily is music to my ears. "just wait until i bend over, then you can really have some fun." flo, 14/04/07 "you didnt buy me a beer cos youre lying." "nobody loves a sad gal" "dont worry, i wont charge you" gal 1: "he thinks youre sexy" gal 2: "i know but i hate him" "u remind me of those STD adverts on tv" "hello CARDBOARD" nitya says: (17:39:06) i was gonna buy you a coconut man Jacob says: (17:39:15) coconut man? Jacob says: (17:39:21) WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS APPLICATION 'i feel like I'm owed some sex because she annoys me with weird things she says' 'jetski- that's russian for.. jetski' 'words can be so futile sometimes lol' pritham being sentimental 'i am a peaceful person and like to live my life in a pure way.' - pritham and the biggest lie the universe has ever seen 2am in toms room: tom: 'owen, go away.' owen (in an african accent) : 'owen's not here. this is french man.'

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