What You Need to Know About NO Dietary Supplements Those looking to get ahead of the competition and wish to get the most out of their workouts may want to look into pre workout supplements. Several different brands offer this type of supplement. One such popular brand is Cellucor C4 Extreme. If you've never taken an NO supplement in the past, here is some information you might find to be of use. Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, although there are some types that are stimulant-free. They come both in pills and powders, although powders tend to be a better value for your money. Pre-workout supplements refer to nutritional supplements which are commonly regarded as effective and safe performance enhancing aids that are meant to be used approximately 30 minutes before your workout. These types of supplements generally contain naturally-occurring amino acids (most often some type of arginine) that drive nitric oxide into the muscles, which gives them a much stronger, fuller feel and appearance. The nitric oxide created from these supplements actually works to widen your bloodstream, allowing your body to send more vitamins and nutrients to your muscle tissue. In addition, the power provided by NO supplements causes a significant improvement in strength which can easily enhance your workout greatly. Despite the name, nitric oxide supplements contain no nitric oxide at all. The main reason that they are referred to as NO supplements is simply because they increase your body's natural ability to create and then drive the powerful gas molecule into the bloodstream, which subsequently helps to trigger muscle growth and also facilitates nutrient delivery. How Does Nitric Oxide Work? When one nitrogen atom and one oxygen atom are combined, the NO is the result, aka nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is produced naturally when the amino acid L-arginine is converted into L-citruline by a group of enzymes called nitric oxide snythase (NOS). Some actions of the endocrine system are brought on by nitric oxide and boost muscle growth. The first group of people to accept nitric oxide as a workout aid was the bodybuilding community. In the form of pre-workout supplements, they have been very successful in giving bodybuilders an extra advantage while working out. Better flowing of the blood initiates better delivery of the nutrients throughout the entire body. This then facilitates better distribution of nutrients into the muscle cells. Nitric oxide supplements used as anti-inflammatory agents are also believed to improve healing time and also minimize soreness. Many people are surprised to learn that the body actually produces its very own nitric oxide gas and even depends on it to live. However, the amounts produced by the body are simply not sufficient to get to optimal fitness levels. Our natural production of NO actually is reduced as we get older. This is another important reason that taking nitric oxide supplements can be so beneficial. People who are serious about achieving their goal body compositions know that there isn't a magic pill. No supplement alone can help you get trim, muscular, and ripped, no matter what an advertisement says. But, by implementing a serious workout regime and proper diet, NO supplements can definitely help you along your journey. Looking for a good place to begin? We definitely suggest that you give 1MR a try. Compared to other pre-workout supplements on the market, there is just no competition. Be sure to take it a half-hour prior to your workout and then you will be all set.

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