Nikki Metcalfe


Slags cum an go... Real girls stay... Little boys play arnd... Real men settle down!!!! ♥ xx ♥ Anything is possible. Its just figuring out how. Der is no such wrd as cnt!!!!.... Only time will tell!!! xxxx ♥ ♥ I slip, I trip, I stumble, i fall and normally i dnt mind at all, but now i dnt no wat to do coz i slipped and tripped and fell in love wiv u!!!! <3 <3 xxxx A gud boyfriend will not wana change anytin bout u, bar ur last name. <3 <3 xxxx The cutest thing a boy can say to a girl is. The only other girl i will ever love in dis world will be r daughter!! <3 <3 xxxx Every girl thinks she can change a player, but d truth is, it's not d player dat needs to change, it's d girl. Bcoz every player is on a mission 2 find dat 1 girl dat makes him lose his desire to play ♥ <3 ...... Everythin apins 4 a reason... Wat goes rnd cums arnd!! In life.... 4get all the bad, Its not worth dweling on, Deal wiv things as they cum along, No point worrying until they arise, Think bout d positive, Thats wat keeps u goin, An luk fwd to the future, As its goin to b great and worth it all in the end!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ xxxx

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