Eboni Faulkner


"It's hard to see the picture when you're in the frame." "If it wasn't for last minute, nothing would get done" (sometimes after the fact; you know how I get down!) "Everything you do in the dark comes to light" "Nobody ever said the right decision was the easiest" "People have one of two roles in your life; they are either helping or they're hurting. Do you know what role people play in your life?" "You never find what you're looking for so the best thing to do is let what you want come to you." Don't waste your time on a man, who isn't willing to waste his time on you. --unknown Let's explore that... -Me giving advice! "Life is not a game. Don't let people play you." -Some rapper on some remix! "Never trust a big butt and a smile..." -New Edition (Can't say that it's too true, but it can apply!) "Everytime I try to leave something keeps pulling me back, me back..." -Chingy ft Tyrese "Exaaaactly!" -Me after somebody just spoke the truth! "It's better to have it and don't need it, than to need it and don't have it." -My mommy "You can't expect something you haven't already received." -Certain people in certain relationships. (You know who you are!) "Are you deaf, dumb, slow, or all of thee above?!" -Me being mean! "Don't flatter yourself!" -The shut down line for those who THINK they are fly! "When it comes to relationships, you can't be a half and expect a whole. It doesn't work that way. You will always get back what you put out." -Me "Don’t assume cause you do your job that you are entitled to extra pay!" -An excerpt from one of my poems dealing with people who expect something for nothing. "I love, I love, I love my QT6!" I don't know how I managed to forget that one! "You can't keep making left turns expecting to end up on the right side of the street." -My boy Mike. When it comes to making the right choices, this quote is the one to follow. "And you're telling me this because?" -You gotta make the face with this one! "Some of my people (African-American/Black) are so deep that they have already drowned." -Me. I feel that sometimes we can be too philosphical without studying the topics on which we speak, therefore making a fool of ourselves. Speak that which is truth, not what you have heard from a seemingly reliable source. Ain't it funny how when you first got to college everybody was cute, but over time you started realizing that wasn't the case at all! -Just reminiscing since it's SENIOR year and all! "She look like Shrek in the face!" -My Little sis talking about New York and her new show "A man cannot ride your back if your back is unbent." -Dr. MLK "Ain't no one monkey stopping my show! We will kick you out and keep it moving." -Me speaking on phony friends.

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