Niki Holdsworth


Tiff: Yea he's a carpenter, so I guess he just lays carpets all day Me; Ugh Kate Middleton is just hot, she's much hotter than William, he's just going bald. Jenny; Yea I know, she just gets better with age, like a cheese, like a mature cheddar. Jenny Knapp on; People's Children; I just don't get it when people have ugly children, they put pics of them on Facebook with tags like "oh haven't I made such a stunner" and its like, no, you haven't, its a monster, take it off. Terrorism: I mean, look, they just come here, take all our money, and then just..blow us up? Obesity; Fat people are like another species aren't they? Like cats or dogs or foreigners?" Adoption; "When we become a lesbian power couple, we'll adopt a child, we should get one from China, they give them away like sweets there..not even like sweets, people actually pay for sweets"

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