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IF YOU ARE BORED OF READING JUST READ AT THE END THANKS <3 ............................... LOVE LOVE LOVE FASHION , For me fashion means life ...It is your style that completes you and it is 70% you!!! You can even show your character right? sweet fashion(FSH) --> cute,romantic punk FSH -->strong,sure 4 evrything gothic FSH -->not always optimistic .. SURE ITS NOT ALWAYS LIKE THAT .. << ME >> I love CUTE and SPORTY and EXTREME and IN FASHION style... But my character is a mix!!! -friendly(not shy) -not that much -sporty/athletic -honest(don't know if you can realise that from style anyway...) -no stress at all (about my style and in everything that has to do with people) ...Yeah!And well that's not everything about me...i'm not perfect..don't wanna be ... PLEASE READ Also I don't believe that you guys have the right to bull your peers or younger or anyone that isn't beautiful , has a style ,is poor ,wears clothes that are not and will never be in fashion ...YOU are NOT perfect the aren't neither ...Wish you could help them and stop judge them , bull them or anything you have on your minds ... THANK YOU , THAT'S A BIG PART OF ME(just as Katy Perry says in her song!!!) HOPE YOU FOLLOW ME XOXO

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