Nikkie Keen-Cross


"lets hand it over to stigggy bird" Jeremy Clarkson "It's true hard work never killed anyone but i figure why take the chance?" Ronald Regan " Three men in a boat, with four ciagrettes and no matches, how do they manage to smoke?" Scooter "everybody wants you" "why is a raven like a writing desk?" Mad Hatter "Mother Nature is the true artist" MPW "We're sorry for River Dance" Dustin the Turkey Jade "Hi, weve come up from somerset 2 meet Marco is he around?" security guard "im nothing 2 do with the restaurant...but he is in" "I go through periods where i only eat green things." "what like the chairs...or paint?" "are you not getting enough attention darling?" "tiniiee tina" jade "Here comes the submarine" Ann Widecombe "Oh mammy" Paddy Doherty "The girl does naffin'" Paddy Doherty "If a boob falls out you'll just have to enjoy the boob" Lady Gaga

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