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"Nevena Kragic – fashion” (or “art to wear” ) If you just discovered "Nevena Kragic" fashion brand, we can only say: anytime is a good time to do so and to meet the unique person behind this brand - Nevena Kragic. Dreamer with intent. Intent to poisone your world with deep substance and pure beauty. Whether you find that this brand is a fairy tale brought to reality or reality "fairytaleized", here are some facts one should know: Fact #1: Degree. Although she is enthusiastic and intensely inspired as if her work is a kids favorite game, her responsible and striving personality lead her to leave pursuing law degree and get one in design and fashion. Which she did with honors, in 2011 (with her graduating collection called: "The "last" shadow puppets"). In other words, she became licensed to practice and set laws in fashion. Fact #2: Inspiration and exploring. "Multitasking-multilevel-creative-expressiveness" (or more commonly known as multi-media artists) is deeply embedded in realization of her imagination through different kinds of media. So don't be surprised (no really, don't be!) to see her signature under photography, video/film directing and of course painting. As the matter of fact, if still in doubt, un-doubt your self and click here: and enjoy just few of many non-fashion artworks. While she was working as a designer for several well known fashion brands in Nis (Serbia), the works of this kind of "fast art" is something for what she was, until recently, more known for. But than thread by thread, stitch by stitch, snip by snip, zip by zip we come to the birth of the original brand. Fact #3: Fashion Brand. The original “Nevena Kragic” fashion brand is a fairly young brand on the streets. And yet, the streets and fancy places are quite decorated with its presence - as each collection gets completely sold out. After firstly doing full lines only for female with occasional male pieces, the Fall/Winter season of 2012/2013 is the first time that on the runways (and in stores) came the full Men Collection as well. Collection after collection with sharp, bold, fearless cuts and shapes, one can recognize even a hidden architect in this bright rising brand. Nevena's design will more likely capture and express through forms and shapes, than colors. Although, there is a twist to this extravagant minimalism - special line of accessories: with special highlight on tights. Fact #4: Accessories. In addition to creating escape for personality through each piece for one who wears it, accessorizing is an essential part of ones style. This is why this brand always explores and presents new lines of accessories. Most popular of which is NK line of unique, hand painted stockings and tights. Whether it is "art to wear", "art to walk in" or other accessories and pieces, when brought to life designs by Nevena Kragic bring freshness and open the door of a new kind a world. Following work of this brand and Nevena Kragic will not only enrich your personal style and fill your closet, but you can further enrich your life and experience by hanging her on your walls, watching her on your home cinema... and if you happen to have a chance and hear her sing Bob Marley and "Is this love", you'll be in for a treat, as is the team of people gathered around her. Nevena Kragic and her brand is a growing brand that knows no boundaries. Not physical, geographical not fictional. So surprise yourself and (re)discover your possibilities to be yourself - step inside the real fantasy world, you are more than welcome! Dejana Sekulic

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