mom (with her awesome accent), "Bianca watch the phone ok mija because theyre going to call me, watch the phone" then my mom can hear the sink running in the washroom where Bianca (4yr old) had made her way to. as my mom was on the way to check up on her she hears, "Mariiiia IMMMMA washing your phone, OKkkkk MARIIIIIA" The phone survived. I love Bianca and accents. "baby blue.....your black and white needs a little bit of red" -serena ryder "you know how there is a team edward and a team jacob? well......... im on the someone better, not michael team.........."........(lol) "where is your one legged. pink ass. flamingo ass at?" (followed by at least 5 minutes of laughter with ruby, nathalie, issel, analisa, & octavio. Summer 2011 "My heart has been a lonely warrior Who's been to war So you can be sure In my heart your love has found The safest hiding place" - sade

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