Natalia Elizabeth


"i like this giraffe but its too big" -Holly "then downsize it" -ME "how do you downsize a giraffe?" -Holly "Today is Tuesday AND Wednesday" -Andrea (at 4:30 on Wednesday) "What is it?" -Jeff "Its ART BITCH" -Ash "I had no CHOICE" -Juan "700 dollars and a Wink?" -Andrea (making a deal on a car) My Mom, "Blah something important" Me, "Oh SNAP!" My Mom,(in the most serious face)"Thats Right Snap!" Andrea "You know what i like? Is when you take 5 shots in a row, then your like Fuck this is gonna hit me....then it hits you" Andrea "I'm so glad I'm a dropout" Andrea "Who has school on Wednesday? or today? What day is it today?" Monty "Wednesday...." Andrea "i Can make music, do you guys hear the music?" (as it was silent) Andrea " You should have gotten pulled over and flirted with the cop" Andrea "I don't remember anything, but i remember a lot of people on the floor!" Andrea "omg i gave it for free" ME "well it wasn't free...they had to work for it a little" Andrea "well OK, half free" ME "if it was half free, then it wouldn't be free...." Brain "the squirrel would most likely not live to see the age of squirrel teen..." (Talking about a squirl climbing up his body) "You know, it's like everyone in Minnesota knows everyone in Minnesota. They Just don't know it." -Andrea "So, tomorrow were drinking all day?" -Andrea making plans "You know we should just go everywhere" -Andrea "She needs to get here S.A.P!" -Andrea "You wanna have fun, you wanna have fun? ...THEN BUY A MONKEY!" -Brian Griffin Me "Do you wanna play a Board Game?" Suzanne "Is it gonna take long?" Me "Its Spanish" Suzanne "but i thought words didn't matter in Spanish?" Suzanne "Isn't Anchorman one of those people that talk?" Me "What do Turkeys say in Spanish?" Suzanne "IDK Ive never talked to a turkey?" Me "What?" Suzanne "But a chicken..." "you know when your with a chicken.." Me "no..." "wait..OMG YES!" Brian "I know people who know people that live in Connecticut because they used to live in Connecticut. That's how the people I know, know people who live in Connecticut. I wanna go visit Connecticut. It's a cool place" Lacey "ABBorigional" Brian "H-E-Double Hockey Sticks" Rachel "Sometimes this NEVER happens" Peter Griffin singing a slogan "At Wilkins Hyundai and Subaru, we sell Hyundai and Subaru!" JR "Fuck, i think we Teleported through time" ME "Who's that German model who has her own show" Suzanne "Halle Berry?" ME "No I said German haha" Suzanne "Oh ya, shes black" ME "Well there's black people in Germany" Suzanne "Really???" ME "Maybe..." ME "Why did you say Halle Berry?" Suzanne "Well I've never seen her in the U.S." ME "'ve never even seen her" "Life is pain, anyone who says otherwise is selling something" Tammy "i think i have a coupon for...something" Ashley "you know when somethings so wonderful you want to throw up!" Ashley

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