Hi my name is Naomi, I am now 15 years old and I’m from a shitty small country called : Holland. I’m half Dutch, my mom is from India so I’m not 100% Netherlands. I have a light tanned skin , brown eyes and brown hair. I'm not skinny, I'm not tall, but I'm not a dwarf either. & yes my picture is actually me. I like singing, shopping, watching movies, reading, food, being with my friends and all the other shit. I’m kinda weird but I don’t give a fuck :)When I grow up I would like to do something in the film industry or the music industry. I suck at school, like really really suck at school. The only classes I’m good at are English, Drawing and Music. I’m an idiot in Math and I’m too lazy to learn for all the other classes. I wouldn’t describe myself dumb but I am definitely not a smart person. I have two little sisters called: Joëla & Delilah. I love them both. I think old R&B and soul music are better than that shitty transvestite Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Just my opinion. Music is my life it just makes me happy when I’m sad. My teachers hate me and they are not afraid of showing it but my feelings are mutual. If I don't like what they say to me, I just tell them. Usually I say what I think. That's why they hate me I think .. So yeah I think all of this describes me the best, if you want to know more of me just ask <3.

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