Nadine Zaghari


Day in,Day Out,Life is like a butterfly it too fly's away.. All I want is everything! NeBother Jimme! Treat Life like a picture but not a frozen one!. احذر المتشائم؛ فإنك تريه الزهرة فيريك شوكها، وتعرض عليه الماء فيخرج لك منه القذى، وتمدح له الشمس فيشكو حرارتها Always stay with the script.. When bite by snake ..Just soak up the POISON كن في الحياة كعابر سبيل و اترك وراءك كل شيء جميل ، فما نحن في الدنيا إلا ضيوف وما على الضيوف إلا الرحيل we have to believe in free will,we've got no other choice No one worth possessing,can be quite possesses Prediction is very difficult,especially about the future Anonymity is my claim to fame A man chases a woman until she catches him! Girls have unfair advantage over men ,if they cants get what they want by being smart,they get it by playing dumb!

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