Becca Taylor-Bristow


carrie:CAREFUL! i have laid out clean towels on the floor of the bathroom. gently, place the shoes and boxes on them. Hey, i forgot i had these, things are looking up. PETE, PETE STOP IT! STOP IT! PETE. dont show it to me dont even show it to me that better not be the pair i think it is. ah god dam it. that dog owes me $380. Aiden: fine. Carrie: you cant buy it its circa 1996. god dam it. Aiden what do you expect, with all your shit lying around. Carrie: my shit would not be lying around if we werent making room cause your shit is lying around. Aiden: you got more shit than i do. Carrie: WHAT? just look at this place, look look look. look at all your shit in my bathroom. Aiden: oh your always gonna do that. your never gonna let me in. Carrie: i dont always do that and i have let you in...

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