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GOD, ME, & FASHION. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Committed to inspiring people (particularly adolescents), organizations (those actively advocating on behalf of adolescents) and institutions (those charged with the task of training our youth to become successful citizens) to choose to be their best. Their success and commitment to greatness is a direct reflection of tomorrow, our future, today's youth!-MTA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this morning I woke up to a lot pain in my foot and I was limping pretty bad around my house. But as my day begun I started feeling better. So I decided to go and run some errands. As I was leaving my house to head down the stairs I told my self I didn't need to hold on to the railing because I was fine, even though I was still limping. Well as soon as I let go of the railing, my foot slipped a...nd I was about to fall until I grabbed hold of the rail. And I heard a still small tell stop operating on your own strength and I smiled... as Christians we hold on to God in the beginning of whatever trials we are going thru, then when things start looking or feeling as if they're getting better, we think it's ok to let go and operate on our own strength. But when we do, we start slipping and tripping. But thank God that He is still there with His hand stretch out waiting for us to grab hold to him again. I say all this to say that no matter how far you get in your Christian walk, never get to comfortable to think that you think that it's okay to let go of your strength from God. Hold on to it! Stay encouraged, your limp is only for a season! #oLord,MyStrength&MyRedeemer @Stephanie Estimable ----------------------------

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