Amanda Lidey


"Get it girrrll!!!", "Heyyy!!", "Love is Blind"w/the wrong person!!! "Never settle" "2 is better than 1" "Never take life for granted" I REALLY DONT GIVE A FLYIN FUCK!!, Work it girl!! " I love you baby" Love kills slowly!!!! If you let it!! . Dont let fakes bitches or niggas make u or break u!! Fuck it im faded!! , ride or die, and where the $$$$ at??? karmas a mf bitch!! So get in where u fit in!!!! Smile in its not the end of the world:) Never give in, give up, get on it!! You had me at helloooo. N Luv ya yourself, before you can <3 ne1 else!! <3 <3 <3 I LOVE MY BABY GIRL LEXI ALWAYS!! <3 LOVE GOD, 4 HE ISZ OUR ONLY GOD, FROM BEGIN. TILL END!!!!!!

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