Camila Moraga


"I was satisfied with haiku until I met you, but now I want a Russian novel, a 50-page description of you sleeping" dean young. "El diablo es puerco, mija" YSBLF "Happy endings may get a bad rep, but they do happen. And when they do, they’re just as true as the unhappy ones." Californication. "- This is it Joel. It`s gonna be gone soon - I know - What do we do? - Enjoy it." Eternal Sunshine of the Spottles mind. "-Make some tea, bastard". Closer. -"Paul, if the honeymoon doesn't work out, let's not divorce, let's kill each other" Barefoot In The Park -"Someone must die in order that the rest of us can value life more. It's contrast." Ana Karenina -"Esta historia nunca fue mía." "-what's you're favorite food -tortellini. -how you would like to die. -eating too much tortellini" (going the distance)

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