Cheyenne Ruff


tht really makes me sad cuz no tht i like you 7:59pm u dnt lyk me 8:00pmMe no i do 8:00pm kwl 8:01pmMe c thts wat makes me mad 8:01pm wht 8:01pmMe u dnt care abt anything AT ALL 8:01pm yes i do 8:02pmMe LIKE WAT 8:02pm everything 8:02pmMe IT DOESNT SEEM LIKE IT CUZ WEN I WAS ON THE FONE UR JUST LIKE O WELL WATEVER 8:03pm its in the past i didnt see u 8:04pmMe yea well i care abt the past and once u said tht i new u didnt care and tht i was waisting my time and idk wat to do abt it 8:05pmMe bt watever 8:06pm i kare 8:07pmMe well it only seemed like you cared abt ur friend 8:07pm u are my friend 8:07pmMe well i mean ur other friend 8:08pmMe tht u were with 8:08pm witch 1 8:08pmMe how many were u with 8:08pm 5 8:09pmMe o well then u cared abt them more 8:09pm nope same 8:09pmMe and im pretty sure ud pik them over me anytime 8:10pm i wuldnt choose any 1 8:10pmMe then wat would u do 8:10pm idk 8:11pmMe im trying to prove a point u care abt them more then me anytime 8:11pm nope 8:12pmMe yea u would 8:12pm prolynot 8:12pmMe and y wouldnt u 8:13pm idrky

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