Millena Gabrielli Soldberger


I wish you a great faith.In anything,no matter what.Desire hopes brand new every day.Hopefully we do not stop being who you are for anything or anyone in the world.That we recognize the power of another without forgetting our own.That lies outside do not confuse our truths, even if the lies and truths are impermanent.That none is able to chill our blushing heat better.That even when we are hurting, do not lose sight of the idea or dream of joy.Hopefully, despite all though, we continue to have courage enough not to give up to feel happy.Things will work out.Will have love, you will have faith, you will have peace - if not, we invent.Want to see you happy, you want to see without any melancholy.Sure, many illusions danced.But I refuse absolutely to disbelieve all, I do hope some strength to keep lit, and candles.2012 to be sweet. Repeat seven times for luck: that's sweet that's sweet that's sweet and so on.That is good that comes, for you. Caio Fernando Abreu

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