Mia Lavanti


Oona : Did your mom get stuck in the machine ? --- YOUR MONEY I MEAN !!!!!! ------ Jack : We have to run to the train now ! Jodie : How much time do we have ? Jack : NEGATIVE TWO MINUTES ! ------ Aino : BUT WHAT ARE LEGS FOR? ------ Sofia : We don't have to read these out loud in class. Wait, did I say hope? ------ Äiti : Sinne naapurin pihaan tuli sellanen siirtolava. Nadia : Aijaa, mikä eläin se on ? ------ Aino : Ku en sit haluu siel ruveta jotai vittuu rapistelee mun laukus! ------ Ms. Brys : Those of you who have signed up for it, remember that the first aid course is this Saturday. Aino : But what do you mean the FIRST?! ------ Aino : Mun silmä on sininen. --- Siis punanen. ------ Mia : Siin kadul oli sellanen jättimäinen seinäsirkka. Aino : Eli sun kauan kadoksissa ollut kaskonen! ------ Aino : Katri miks sä asut sielt toises pääs pöytää ? Istut siis ? ------ Misu : Ville you're such a drunk. Ville : No I'm not. I just wanna get drunk. ------ Mia : Hahaha I just tripped you. Sofia : Hahaha I just tripped. ------ Naty : I wanna be loved, but not by a guy! ------ Mia : He's coming at like 6:40. Jake : What that late?! I thought you said like 4:60. ------ Nao: I can feel my sunburn. My forehead is like stationary. ------ Nao: Where's your destination?! ------ Nao: Do you feel like you broke it, twisted it or bled it? ------ Nao: We are all different shapses and we are all beautiful! ------ Aino: I hear fucking, I'm gonna go. ------ Christie: And then, if the storm hits the pool, we're all gonna get splashed with water! ------ Valentin: You're so naughty. Aino: Who's noisy? ------ Markus: Physically, I'm fine. ------ Aino: Glad to see we're on the same page here. Nao: What page? ------ Aino: Is someone messing with me? Nao: How could we mess with you in the sky! ------ Julia: Kyl mäki oon joskus ottanu tequila shotin ilman suolaa ja tequilaa. ------ Claire: Well my mom had me when she was 34. Aino: Wait what your mom got pregnant at 17? Claire: No she was 34. Aino: Wait so she was 20? ------ Mia: Mitkä hinnat siel sit on? Saana: Samat ku tääl. Paitsi tääl on halvemmat. ------ Jossu: Sit pissataa silmää. Iina: Siis viilataa linssii? Jossu: Joo. ------ Cosmo: Ooooh, look at the time, gotta get to work....... *continues sleeping* ------ Jossu: Eks ne siiderit oo kuitenki ollu teijän kellaris ihan paikoillaan? ------ Nadia: Mun jalka ei oo kasvanu viitee vuotee. Äiti: Sun AIVOT ei oo kasvanu viitee vuotee. Julia: SAMOIN!!!!!!!! Aino is seriously starting to dominate my quotes. I guess some people are more blessed than others.

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