Mel Gc


-"OH YOU CUT YOUR HAIR" -"IT WAS GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY DRINKING" lOvE iS aLl YoU nEeD!! **lOvE iSn'T a PhAsE wE gO tHrOuGh BuT aN eTeRnItY wE lIvE tHrOuGh** ºcuenta todas las estrellas, que sean de dos en dos, cuando hayas terminado un millon de veces mas te quiero yoº ~lIvE ... lOvE ... lAuGh~ a GiRl sHoUld Be 2 ThInGs ... cLaSsY & fAbUlOuSe the greatest thing you'll ever know is just to love and be loved in returne ^iF iTs wOrTh ThE rIsK tAkE ThE fAlL iF iTs WhAt U wAnT tHeN iTs WoRtH iT aLl^ "we're just silly girls who fall for STUPID BOYS"

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