Mehwish Abbas


“Man is influenced by the faith of his friends. Therefore, be careful of whom you associate with.” BY HAZRAT MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) "Anger is insanity; it makes you feel sorry afterwards. However, if you do not feel any remorse afterwards then you are definitely insane"HAZRAT IMAM ALI "Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company." BY HAZRAT ALI "Unfortunate is he who cannot gain a few sincere friends during his life and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then lost them (through his deeds)".BY HAZRAT IMAM ALI "The most generous person is the one who offers help to those who do not expect him to help." BY HAZRAT IMAM HUSSIAN "The most merciful person is the one who forgives when he is able to revenge."BY HAZRAT IMAM HUSSIAN "I have always maintained that no nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take its women along with the men. No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men. There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women." BY QUAID-E-AZAM MOHUMMAD ALI JINNAH

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