Megan Abell


"When I daydream, I often find myself in England. Sometimes I'm hiking along a coastal path in Cornwall, edging my way along the top of a primrose-dotted cliff that plunges down to a restless sea. As I listen to the surf splashing far below, a cool damp breeze whiffles through my hair. Sometimes I'm sitting quietly on a rocky tor, looking over rusty bracken tangled with purple heather, under a misty sky that seems to soak into the moor. As far as I can see, treeless hills dip and disappear into the distance. Perhaps I'll hear the high quick trill of a bird or the soft splash of a fast-running stream. But mostly I notice only a deep, satisfying silence. I daydream about London, too. I'm sitting with a contented sigh in the front seat atop a bright-red double-decker bus or sunning myself on a bench in St. Jame's park. On a chilly fall day, I can imagine sipping a steaming cup of Earl Grey at Fortnum and Mason, where it always tastes better than tea in my own kitchen. Of course, my England is highly selective. A complex and varied country, England today extends far beyond the boundaries of my daydreams. But I do not go to England as a sociologist. I return there again and again becuase so much nurtures my spirit: its landscape, its architecture and monuments, its literary past, and more. When I can't be in England, I want to read about it. " - Susan Allen Toth From the forward of "The Heart of England: A Journey of Discovery"

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