Md Malik


(Live each day as if there is no tomorrow !!!) (In Life ; There Are People Better Than You..! There Are People Worse Than You..! But There Will Never Be; One Who Is You..!.) (Attitude is a Little thing which makes a big difference like.. I am not the best, but I am not like the rest.) ( Be silent in situation: When U feel 1 can't understand Ur feelings from UR words ) ( Ideas come alive when you believe in them...) ( Pain is the way to succes, Mistakes are the secret of succes, Failures are the pillars of succes) (I Dont Hav Time 2 HATE People Who Hates Me, Coz . . . . i'm TOO Busy in LOVING People Who LUv_Me.) ( Life is like a cobweb, not an organization chart.) (Some ppl say:- rmmbr me always.... Some ppl say:- nvr forget me...... I love my attitude so i say forget me if u can.) (Never change ur originalityfor the sake of others"B'coz"in dis world no one can play ur role better than u) (You can calculate everything Even, the Velocity of light.. But cannot calculate hate of, the people behind their SMILE..) (My way of life... People laughbcoz i am diffrent... and i laugh bcoz the are all same . Thats called "ATTITUDE".. ) (Respect those people, who find time for you in their busy schedule, but love those people who never see their schedule, when you need them.)

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