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hey. I'm Danielle. I am an old soul. I'm the girl that loves music (indie), falls fast, spends her entire life dreaming of an adventure, and still believes prince charming is out there-----a funny one. I read intensely (love the May Bird Series) and can't concentrate on a book if the t.v. is on. I love vintage and I'm very creative. I love the the color blue. I love anything that makes reality a fantasy. I love black and white photos and am a total Modcloth junkie. I don't have a lot of friends (probably because I'm so weird), but I love them; they are the best. Kids are so lucky-----I wish I was one. I love to travel and actually have a bucket list that grows every day:). I love books--but there is a point to reading them---you must fall in love. I'm the person falling in the hallway that is laughing madly. I fall hopelessly in love; if you want my heart it's probably already yours---you just have to keep it safe. I love stores of homemade trinkets, and knickknacks, of genuine items you will never find anywhere else. I love making things (instructables.com). I have a deep love for the pacific islands and all they have to offer. It's something about the way the people talk, or maybe the way the people act. I have a strange love for ukuleles and castles and ghosts and believe in aliens, bigfoot, vampires, zombies, the lochness, and anything supernatural:D. I am addicted to history♥. I love to bake but often fail! I Love Holidays---just the atmosphere is exciting. I love the rain and snow. There is something about weather that is mystifying, relaxing, and beautifully powerful! ♥ I love life. ♥I love singing and talking about the future like I have any clue. I hope to someday work for rustic pathways. I want to major in Epidemiology and minor in Outdoor Education. I have 2 daschunds and 3 brothers. I laugh way too loud at the stupidest things and love being weird:).

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