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"I have a dream" (Martin Luther King, Jr.) "Everyone smiles in the same language." - Unknown "You know I tell the big girl 'Baby, c'mon get yo snack on, baby. Feel comfortable. You know, you breathin' heavy as hell, I know you hungry.'" "A hug is a powerful thing. It makes you feel wanted, needed and loved all at the same time" -Raising Hope "Right now, someone you haven't met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you." "'I don't like using that word [fiance] because I think it sounds pretty 80's and douchey.' 'Call her your Beyonce, that's pretty current.'" "I myself am made entirely out of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." "It's called a crush because you'll usually end up feeling pretty crushed." -Jeremy Corrales "Despite the fact that perfection will never be a possession of mine or anyone else on earth, I believe that I have the right to discover the fact that I am a unique and special individual... worthy of seeing my dreams come true." -Bobby Griffith (Prayers for Bobby) "The lyrics, 'There's gonna be one less lonely girl, I'm coming for you...' Makes me think Beibs is actually murdering lonely chicks." -Tweet from Alex Gaskarth. "Oh my're so beautiful." Andy Warhol in Factory Girl. - "Shame on you! Shame on both of you!" - Linda Partridge to the old pharmacist in Magnolia. - "Just because it's low impact, it doesn't mean you wont get HIGH RESULTS." Body Fusion - "I don't have to trust you, to agree with you" - House - "It will only be a problem if you believe it is a problem" - The Hours - "Wait. Let me get this. If you are the only person who ever saw her, and heard her and no one else have ever seen or heard her... that makes her...NON EXISTENT!" - Felipe Follador "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." "If you knew this was your last day on Earth, how would you wanna spend it?" "Maybe we're not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human. Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate." "In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die / Where you invest your love, you invest your life" If you dont stand for something you'll fall for anything. You can take away everything that I've been holding, you can take away the sun. You can take away the very air that I've been breathing, but you can't take away my God. A verdade quando verdade pode doer como uma navalha atravessando seu pescoço, mas a mentira quando mentira é como uma navalha atravessando seu coração. The wasted of all days is one without laughter. "e as aparências não enganam não" Belchior "É que Narciso acha feio o que não é espelho " Caetano Veloso "Reality is a shared illusion." Tell me and i will forget. Show me and i may remember. Involve me and i will understand. (Confucius) É a verdade o que assombra, o descaso que condena, a estupidez o que destrói. (Renato Russo) Sometimes, we're so focused on finding our happy ending we don't learn how to read the signs, how to tell from the ones who want us & the ones who don't, the ones who will stay & the ones who will leave. And maybe a happy ending doesn't include someone else, maybe it's you, on your own, picking up the pieces & starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is just moving on. Power means not having to respond. All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die. A sense of humor... is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life. "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell "A bravura provém do sangue, a coragem provém do pensamento." - Napoleão Bonaparte. "Quando tudo está perfeito, alguma merda está por vir" - Lucas Silva "Quem planta vento, colhe tempestade." "Quem come quieto, come sempre." "Olhai para as aves do céu, que não semeiam, nem ceifam, nem ajuntam em celeiros; Olhai para os lírios do campo, como eles crescem; não trabalham nem fiam..." [Mateus - 6 - 26:28]

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