Mary Wong


geo lesson in yr 9 mr. trump: does anyone know what a sweatshop is? con: isnt that where they sell sweaters. they have 1 in pp. mr. trump: so does anyone know what a sweatshop is? con: u know. u insult me like. at least 10 times a day me: oh u counted. con: ya. smthin like that me: so what you gonna do about it. con: nthin. random person: diu lei ah lah manda: diu ah diu ah diu ah diu ah. chak: cherry u suck my sis: i dont mind sucking. thank you for ur sarcasim. chao: omg. i seriously need to work today. i wont go on fb or meebo today. me: k. viv. why does it say meebo on ur com? viv: mary. u r just seeing things. me: ok. *amanda dancing in the middle of timesq calvin: amanda, i dont know you. me: but u just said her name dude:what do u do when ur friend got hurt n starts bleeding? me: laugh at them and say 'u suck' me: u take pics of weird things steph: wel my aunt takes a pic of her car everytime after she parked it so tht she remembers where she parked it. me: HAHA. weird family steph: HEY.. true me: omg steph is so weird. she laughs at paper. hoe: i do too. *holds up paper* hoe: HAHA *NON STOP sam: the 酱爆丸 is really 酱爆 so, who in ur class does drugs? mary: i got lost inside page one sam: hahaha. i thought so sam: damn i m have stitches hoe: dude i've had a few stitches already me: i have the most stitches hoe:. tht doesnt really make sense me: HAHAHAHAH (looking at the timesq bird thingy for valentines) hoe: is that y people say love birds? mary: but they are orchids. sam: huh.. orchids? mary: hahah. i mean ostrich hahaha hoe: but they are flamangos. mary: HAHAHAHAHA HOE: you know for someone who's not really good at spelling - no offense - you have no problem spelling 'hoe' right every single time.

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