Mary Kennedy


Ψ or DIE "Chi-O's were ideal partners for all occasions. They were discrete, desirable, tactful, polite, and fun... Every mom dreamed of her son coming home with a Chi Omega, a woman's woman." - David Letterman. Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. -A Cinderella Story The best memories are the ones you try to describe, and you end up saying, "you just had to be there" THIS IS FOR U KG! "Always keep a smile on your face, and let your personality be your autograph." "Yet, if God had come to Jay and Pam and said he was going to loan them a blessing for 18 years and then he would need her back, like any parent, they would have agreed. What they got was truly a blessing." -Wally Hall TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS! - RIP Paul Eells "take it one bite at a time." RIP Nick Benson

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