Mariana Gil


'It was only Cristina, as the last days of summer expired, who began to experience an old familiar stirring, a growing restlessness that she dreaded, but recognized only too well. Suddenly, thoughts started taking recedence over feelings, thoughts and questions about life and love, and as much as she tried to resist these ideas, she could not get them from her mind.' 'everybody is less mysterious than they think they are' 'sadness is easier because it's surrender. I say, make time to dance alone with one hand waving free' 'I'll tell you in another life, when we are both cats' 'every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around' 'I'm always anxious thinking I'm not living my life to the fullest, y'know? Taking advantage of every possibility? Just making sure that I'm not wasting one second of the little time I have' 'I'm not a concept. I'm just a fucked up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind'

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