Marguerite Connolly


"Judge me if you want. Party with me if you can." A friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself. Bridget: is the dandelion still in my hair? Monica: No, i ate it... tess: btw im on you boyfriend..."click" above the waist below the face ugly gets with ugly i just cant be left alone with my phone u make me ____ our double dates hahha we are SO inappropriate! ___ the bitch they dont get us they NEVER will we will just make her ugly ive been in the bath for hours no more like 20 minutes more like 3 hours in bath minutes! mom i think washburn came in and killed him... i just wanna see if she hot ur weirdist ... i mean weedist im sorry u missinterpreted my brilliant joke as horribly offensive!!! haha ily tess "Marguerite quit acting like this was so fucking dramatic for you...we didnt drag you into world war 3" "He said yup that means he wants to talk to me!" "not your mom thats for sure...but you know" tap tap tap

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