Manuela Boschen


if a boy asks u out dont accept it cuz sooner or later he's gonna be cheating on u with the every BITCH IN THEN SCHOOL!!i know this guy and he's a player and he said its better to have more than one girl friend.he told me not to tell any one so i promised and one day i saw him kiss this girl older than him!his girl friend caught him with his hand on her ass!she went up to him,beat the shit out of him and said ''bitch if u did love me u wouldn't be cheating with every slut from the damn street!!!i cracked my self up.i swear tho i didn't tell she caught him red handed(on the other girl's ass)she paid me fifty-five bucks that if i do become pretty dont date a boy EVER.and i promised.he went after me when she left saying i did tell but i didn't!my friend came and i got in the car since we were going to have a slumber party any way.and her boy friend was there.uh-oh the bad boy of the school!his name is mark but ppl always call him ace cuz once when i found out his name no one knew were he went.(true story.)THE END P.S NEVER DATE A HOT BOY!

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