Tamasin Langton


Pedi and Tammy: 'hoh!' 'BOO!' 'moosh moosh' '...HMPF!' 'He's a loose canon.. POHF!' 'MADAM, how dare you!?' 'I CANT WAIT EITHA!' 'WE'RE OUT!!!' '......POPPERS!!' 'All it needs is a little trim!' (in song) 'I've paid for you BAAAARRRRREEEE times.' 'I hate all this uncertainty!' 'I cannot tolerate this tolerance!' 'Hm, that might be the next profile picture' -pedi 'I, LOV, the way, the sauce goes with the chicken.' 'Girls are gonna be sly pedi.' 'Who chose lilac?' :D 'DIDN'T YOU MEAN..' Deetz and Tim: 'OHH SHUUUT UPP!' (Peacock) 'ERRR, Gentlemen!' (Turner) 'mamadadi' 'Ooornleh ONE!' Tub and Jub: 'That's fahhn by me. THAT'S FAAAHHN BY ME!' (Rothbart from the Swan Princess) 'The pathhworrd...ithhh...' (Cableguy) 'Silly us!..agin..' (Dominoes advert) 'uuregh, you stinky man you smell like bantha poodooe.' (Little slave boy from Tatooine) 'You better stand back mister because I'm about to SLASH...alll myy p-rices!' (Shop guy who looks like Mr Mappley, from Tatooine) 'You just don't care about your wormies...' (Young Folk) 'SHUT UP, SHUT UP, WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!' (Father Ted person) 'Humm?' 'Parn?' 'AHM THE JAGGERNAUT!' (The Juggernaut from c&c) 'Essssss-skeeeeee-latORRRRS!' (Patrick Star) 'Have you heard about the new dairy milk flavours? There's cranberry and granola, and apricot crumble...' -- 'But it's cream cheese!!' D: 'These boots put the rub into rubbish..'

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