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Life Is a Garden , dig It . #Joe Dirt Easy Come Easy Go , I don't give Shit !! قــلــب أمـــك - تهامى بــاشا xD لاتكون كوافد عاد. انا وهــبت نفــسى لله يـالووود ال*** هعوره هعوره - السلفى بتاع مدينة الانتاج "I love it when women go to school. It’s like seeing a monkey on roller skates ; it means nothing to them, but it’s so adorable for us." - General Aladeen [The Dictator] ''It's funny cuz he's fat" #Mr.Chow [Hangover I] #Stu to #Phil :"'He drugged us , I lost a Teeth and married a Whore " "How dare ya , She's a nice lady" #Alan to #Stu [Hangover I] " Hey, this is Phil. Leave me a message, or don't, but do me a favor: don't text me, it's gay" #Phil [Hangover I] #Alan: First my monkey, then my hat...How much more worse, can this day get? [Hangover II] #Alan to #Mr.Chaw : "I'm on your side! I hate Godzilla! I hate him too! I hate him! He destroys cities! *Please*! This isn't your fault. I'll get you some pants." [Hangover I]

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