Know who i am always absurd, always contradictory, the daughter fun, lawyer-girl process, responsible but troublesome sister, the girlfriend beautiful & haunting, the staunch friend, the traitor lover, the most holy virgin & pure, the girl burst, apprentice some art all the time, the anorexic skinny, the fat obese. Set my papers: I analyze, read, watch movies & listen to music & I am tirelessly usually whenever i m alone, i like movies & coffee, play to feel happy, to have stomach pain from time to laugh, to feel diva , fat, sad, miserable, used, energetic. Curse because i know i m in love, to hate me because i love to be. Who am I? "I am" ... As I? I see many things: useful, useless faithful, intelligent, happy, obsessive, virgin, sister, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, girlfriend, lover, companion, confidant, traitor & loyal among other things. This is my mode of operation, and I am: absurd, I understand my disorder, my inconsistency. With your feet on the ground ... but 15cm heels... I m all depends on the day ..!.

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