Madhavi Mohoni


"did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" - brittany from glee me: i'm having bubbaloo. i hate it; my tongue's blue all over now. rayika: OH ME TOO! me: huh? rayika: BABALOO! mum: hurry up and put on your susan shocks or you'll miss the bus! me: my what? mum: your shoes and socks! anisha: it's not happening. HAPPEN! me: guess who i picked as my five favourite superheroes. anisha: umm superman, batman, catwoman... [someone]: wth, man? anisha: yeah, what-the-hell-man also. me: how do you eat your sour punks? i nibble. rayika: i suck me: i know /that/. me: wait, pretend to be an atheist for a minute. anisha: huh? i'm not an atheist, i'm in st. mary's! vinisha: yayy! one more exam! then we're free! swaraj! go swaraj yay swaraj! kavya: swaraj means 'self-government'. mahima: who's the girl singer in 'love story'? me: taylor swift.. mahima: taylor swift is a girl?! arya: if hellen keller were still alive today, what would she be famous for? me: uhm, i don't know arya: her age, silly! rayika: ...i was just too ingrossed in watching a program on tv me: * engrossed rayika: oh sowwie me: what colour would go well with both orange and purple? rayika: umm... move me: what? rayika: the colour move.. me: you mean mauve? rayika: oh sowwie minoti: she's a rubbish person anisha: [with reference to the half pink half white chalk] HALF PINK HALF WHITE. tide lagaana chahiye! [later] anisha: CHAUK GAYE? anisha: FQ FQ FQ I WANNA FQ me: uh what? anisha: FAVOURITE QUOTES! [in physics] me: anisha? can you pass me my pen, it's fallen there [points] anisha: [gropes around the pen for five minutes] [picks it up and gives it to me] anisha: sorry, i couldn't see the pen, REFRACTION HAPPENED fashion disaster: it's not baby. it's baybay ass: SIRRR. OB-SUHR-VAY-SHUN. anupama: o-uh, REULLY? beri: so the mother is now blue eyed and the father is brown eyed. what -eyed will their offspring be? shruti: COCKEYED [in MP, all of a sudden] anupama: SHRISHTI [everyone looks at her] anupama: i remembered her name! [awkward pause] anoushka: you're DRUNK beri: uhhh. is my spelling of orange correct? geography: yes. gasoline. i'm not very sure what it is. shiv: madhavi's the comic stripper anupama: m prakash won't cancel a lecture for minor things like temperate cyclones [when i wrote 'IHMP'(i hate, you know) on shivani's eraser] anupama: what's that? ...Ihmportant? me: [looking out of window] aww isn't that cute, (person) has friends! (: minoti: [runs to window] OMG WHERE? me: oh shit that's not (person) [sir's phone rings] sir: hello? hello? hello? [puts off phone] CONTRADICTION. shreya: it was so funny when she went like "beep beep" shivani: but she is a beep beep. anisha: your profile says you are interested in men. lol. me: no anisha, i'm interested in women and young children. vinisha: just a thought, you know how many variations we have of running away? xD pallavi: i think they pad their bums me: why? :P pallavi: or they wear diapers, so that they can do potty when they feel like, so the match can go on paintball lady: ohh, i didnt know you had eggless friends? [later, shubham was saying something about a bird that laid an egg on her roof] me: see? some of my friends aren't eggless. vinisha: oh i had a dream where you named your pet bunny or summat tom. and it texted me. me: of course tom texted you. you have a pathetic memory. me: i wanna watch the back up plan shahn: oh yeah, that 2 people wala me: [pointing at wasp] dead wasp :D sivunny: it will bite you in the ass. me: no, it will bite me /with/ its ass. [on the phone] me: oh you can 'like' comments now. anisha: arre i kno- [scream] WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? me: anisha, how much time is left? anisha: uhh 5 minutes me: [to shivani] 5 minutes. shivani: [eyebrow raise] 5 minutes for what ;D [looks down] me + anisha: whaaaat? shivani: [no reply] avantika: [points at a kids shoe on the road] look! kid's shoe! me: that's creepy, like it got kidnapped or something akshata: yeah, we walk with you so people dont see your shoes on the ground :P anisha: YOYOYOYOYYOUYOUYOULULULULULULULULULULLU [sanchika sends me a message during class] "Robin is soo hot!!:p" varsha: hahaha it must be because of the underwear on the outside.. me: HAHA im sure if A_____ wore underwear on the outside she'd text me "A_____ is so hot!!:p" robin: HAOOOOOO sanchika: HAOOOOOO sanchika: its SOO pissing OFF. pr: i should stop being so philosophical pr: keep your brains on the board pr: your brains are flying pr: AaaAAAaaa~~~ i've made a bad habit. me: i've finished. pr: [pulls cheeks violently] this is the girl that i love [scooter honks while we cross the corner] akshata: [grabs me] AY AY AY AY AY you'll die. [i poke a leaf] anisha: SHUT UP! [v, sam and i were talking and anisha walks towards us] anisha: hi [pause] lets swap ties. me: there could be snakes o: akshata: [loudly] HISSSSSSSS. HIIIIIISSSSSS! me: btw, snakes are deaf. [about random guy in science who's name sounded like sin] me: you know who sin's cousin is? varsha: who? me: cos sin jokes. what does sin sleep on? Cot what do you do when sin doesnt make sense anymore? log tables. why does sin have so many kids? Secs me: why does sin have so many kids? akshata: because he had Secs with his Cos on the Cot. sin: ohhhh i have a very bad sprain in my neck [two days later] sin: ohhhh i had a very bad sprain in my neck anisha: shivani do YOU SHIT IN YOUR PANTZ me: where are we? shivani: in your ass khemlani: ..rejection.. shruti: injection? shivani: yeah in your ass avantika: OHH LOOOK A DOG ON A CAR akshata: it's a man! avantika: its a dog akshata: its a man avantika: its a dog akshata: OOHHHHH. aman: call shahn cuddlychaddi me: why? you cuddled his chaddi? robin: omg, our teacher is always drunk! she had five tequilla shots! lol! sin: OMG I HAD TWO TORTILLA SHOTS!! i'm drunk aman: mean person. not at all cuddly. me: hahahah why are you so obsessed with cuddly? aman: dunno i love cuddly stuff, like my blanket. me. :P me: are you sure you're straight? aman: no. i'm wakda. wakda wakda eh eh aman: [randomly] fly away with me on my flying cuddly towel akshata: hahahahha i think sanchika likes a___ because she likes people with the underwear on the outside right? ladyman/sam: TAAHHL, YOUUHHH, WAHHTT, AAYEEE, WEHLL, NOTTT, ETT, DOHN. me: omg i want chocolate truffle cake now! anisha: i want pizza so baaaddd shivani: its okay, its perfectly normal to have cravings during pregnancy. varsha: omg i want paranjape back! me: huh? oh i heard i want ramgupt now.. varsha: OMG a_____ got his psp me: huh? oh i heard a_____ got his pms.. anisha: yeah so you know that st. michaels house dragon is- shivani: OOH, we have a wolf, AOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. @a random football, vinisha: shut up saala kamina. @chuck, me: ay saala kuch kar na? vinisha: saala kamina abhi tak zinda-types hai! aman: swear on that ponytail, that girl's ponytail, that very awesome ponytail that belonged to a girl whose name starts with v, the ponytail you could write a four page composition on. aman: as creepyy aaaas... me: pedobear. aman: DONT insult pedobear OKAY? me: why? he gave you candy? aman: no. he gave me DRUGZ. aman: CINDERELLAAAAS UMBRELLAAAAAA.. BOB THE BUILDER GAVE YOU SWINE FLU.. minoti: whack-a-pest. me: [whacks minoti] aman: i know you want me i know you want me~~~~~ but i dont want you haahahahah case taken [on the phone] anisha: HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON [hangs up] [same conversation] anisha: OMG i'm crossing this road, and it's like, three roads me: wtf? three? anisha: yeah, there's like one and it goes to the other and [mumble mumble] and then it takes a u-turn and- me: i think you're dyslexic :s anisha: the roads are dancing!! :D akshata: [ogles at my phone] wooooow.. me: what? akshata: 'voice call'.. wow. o: anisha: heyy. chickens can like.. like, fly right? anisha: what if a chicken flew into the class shivani: PAKAKPAKAPAPAKAKAPAK. shivani: [looking sadly at her book cover that's half ripped off] my book is becoming more and more of a slut shahn: you never fail to amaze the non amazed. vinisha: thutty three [while playing pictionary, i was drawing an auto] anisha: um um MOVING RESTAURANT, hot dog, sandwich, chinese female k's song. they tried to make me go to rehab but i said [squeal] NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO! [me and shivani were being cats] me: meooooow. anisha: [appears] hey. [points at window] there's a cat meowing. oh. [anisha was holding sams procircle against my arm so sam could draw a peace sign] anisha: hey. is this procircle going to break. [procircle breaks] oh. [mahima was drawing a bottle of rum] vinisha: um alcohol! vodka! OH k_______! anisha: oh shit there's a pony anisha: oh such a cute kid! super cute! CHUCHUCHUCHUCHUUUUUUUUUCHEEEUYUUUCHUCHU me: ... aman: what's up shorty? me: everything. me: you know what i just said to my printer? i said aw thanx i love youuuuu. shivani: o.O printophile. aman: i wanna feel weightless. no srsly. then i'll fly over _____'s house and climb into his window and give him fair and lovely and then i'll run away. and then i'll fly over your house and shout "SHORTY". aman: go meet _____ oh sorry its night and hes dark so.. aman: have you never seen me in school oh sorry youre short so.. me: [singing] we're the blackberry boys~ aman: no. we're the _____berry boys. aman: what's the height of blackness? me: what? aman: _____'s height anisha: secretly anisha: very cool anisha: gayness is happening anisha: coolness is happening anisha: a cake is happening. [anisha was helping me over the phone, to write a hindi composition on cell phones] me: okay fine can you tell me about vipaksh then? anisha: WAIT. WAITWAIT. a point has hit my head. [later] anisha: VIPAKSH HAPPENED. :D [afterwards] anisha: okay so then cell phones have applications and you can see the news and stuff. [suddenly] hey! i thought it was a girl. vinisha: draw leprechauns. ooh. draw goblins. goblins. is goblin a word? goblin. how do you spell that? goblin. wait i'll look it up in a dictionary. [2 minutes later, she's crying] aman: i like burning hair. i burn my hair. i'm going to burn your hair. then i'm going to stand there and watch you burn. anisha: if i didn't know you i would have been like this ghati chick :D [minoti && i were playing that game, where you say the name of an animal and the next person says the name of an animal that starts with the last letter of the first animal] minoti: okay now you have to name an animal with U. me: uhm uhm UNICORN. minoti: they don't exist. me: yes they do! minoti: they don't. me: they DO. minoti: you seriously believe unicorns exist? me: you DON'T? FINE. be that way. vinisha: [messages me] one day, during the swine flu scare, i coughed a little, you know cause of sinus and everything, and she took her handkerchief and held it over her nose and pretended to sneeze and held it over her nose for the ENTIRE LESSON. [i cough real loud] [girl being discussed slowly edges closer and closer towards her desk] me: i'm watching miss world. shahn: oh. the one with the spanish lady [akshata calls me && i pick up.] akshata: NO. WHY DID YOU PICK UP. I WANTED TO LISTEN TO THE SONG. okay don't pick up this time [hangs up] me: let's play Where's Waldo shahn: you mean the retard chatting thing? me: omg your hands are so much warmer than before. have you started doing something in a day other than studying? O: mahima: nooooo shivani: ACK. it tastes like CEMENT. [awkward pause] me: uhm. shivani, why do you know what cement tastes like? shivani: awh come on, have you never been pushed into a wall? me: do you lick walls when people push you into them? why would someone push you into a wall anyway? shivani: as a kid! come on.. what were you, like, a perfect kid or something!? me: you talk about Arya like Arya's a brand. xD vinisha: I want an Arya card, and Arya nose and an Arya sister, please. :] vinisha: I COME FROM RUSSIA. I LEEV IN ITALY. I VONT TO GO HOME. sonal: hey how do you solve a linear equation? O: niharika: dance. me: not just any dance, you have to flamenco dance. sonal: oh yeah flamenco dance! with the coconut bras.. nida: i want to sit on the fan. natalie tran: i eat the hearts of children. orphan children. [awkward pause] DAHAHAAH. natalie tran: GIVE ME A BABY TO SACRIFICE me: how would you tell ME apart from my twin? vinisha: i'd talk about the time you tried mating with me, and whichever one called the cops wouldn't be you, and the other one who'd talk about sister chromatids and join backs with me would be YOU! shahn: he's only done 10 papers or something me: loser he is. shahn: nahh he be good man he threw me out of class. eng: whose "puny offspring" are referred to in the opening lines of the extract? me: anisha's eng: what is the parent of the offspring doing in the mean time? shivani: making more geog: all the best for your boards girls adhisa: miiiiss could you give us a parting speech? geog: okay.. eat healthy food [anisha stares blankly at her with a mouth full of doritos] [after fotohunt, we were given a slip of paper with Rs. 500 written on it] anisha: isn't that the amount we paid? vinisha: okay how do we split it? me: let's take pictures with it. vinisha: how about we donate it back to the rotaract club? me: yeah. anisha: but we're rich. $__$ me: how do we get the money? vinisha: i guess we go to a bank.. vinisha: but doesn't the money we paid get donated to charity? me: we are charity.. [later] anisha: how much did you people get? protima: get? nothing.. me: haha we're cooler. anisha: see, we got a cheque. :D protima: that's a reciept. *moment of shame* lady voice: BUY LOLA DIAPER BUY LOLA DIAPER vinisha: go ask her. me: um, excuse me, where can i buy lola diapers..? lady: um on second floor, but ma'am, aapko mamy poko pants dekhna chahiye.. erm.. kya apne kabhi try kiya hai? me: keto actually seems to like the collar[the lampshade like collar they put after he got neutered] mum: haha he loves it. i'm scared he might start showing withdrawal symptoms when we take it off. me: i can't even operate a microwave oven right. which sucks because i'm a girl and by definition i'm supposed to live in the kitchen. armaan: i wouldn't dare say your place is in the kitchen cause that's where the knives are! anisha[at a random beggar]: dude bore mat kar. varsha: what do you call a person who's like.. attracted to older people? me: a milf? no no wait.. varsha: you can't use milf in the context. me: for pj? varsha: oh yeah she's a milf.. [awkward pause] varsha: oh noo NO armaan: scare tactics is on! oh. it's just a black lady dancing. rhea: you know the young women and men of the tribals meet in the forest to dance. indirectly it's their disco. anisha: don't worry! me: hey, hadn't you made that song when we were in the sixth? lakshamma, lakshamma. don't worry lakshamma. something like that. what was that chapter even about? anisha: it was about this cow, which was so holy that it got lost.. and then it was so holy that it got found. [i dropped keto's bone] mum: [from the next room] what was that? me: nothing. it's just the dinosaurs. mum: oh. niyati: SHOWMESHOWMESHOWME me: [dancing] SHIMMY SHIMMY SHIMMY me: christofer drew is five years older than me. my dad is five years older than my mum. i could marry christofer drew. moksh: omg. SAME. vinisha athwani explaining the Sibling Spitting Rule: As per the Family Act of 1678, if any offspring of two homo sapiens wishes to claim his/her siblings' food, the procedure for achieving the above involves spitting into the desired food item. Footnote: This does not apply to items of clothing, caves, pet [extinct] dinosaurs, etc. moksh: your.internet. me: no, i just switched the modem off and on again types. xD moksh: whyy? me: because that's what all the cool kids are doing. moksh: brb xD me: tyt. [after 5 minutes] moksh: switched off and switched on my modem like a boss. B| deepika: but first i gotta show you what I was about to show you until you mentioned the show na thing and explained what it was with a quick but confusing show of words PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. sam: why is your bag always so heavy? vinisha: she keeps all her swagga in it. me: meh. moksh: meh me: stop copying me! moksh: stop copying mee! me: i'm a girl. moksh: i'm a g- me: HAHAHA moksh: seeee, i'm so smart. aman: oh my god YOU TOO? SAME HERE! YAY! PHONE FIVE *beeep* me: ..did you just hit the number 5 on your phone? aman: ..yep.. me: how's it hanginnn moksh: ..a bit to the left. [after my singing the banana boat song for 20 minutes] shradha: i think one of these days, the roof of this bus will explode and madhavi will just fly away into the sky. [after a bit] shubham: or maybe someone'll just chuck her into the trunk.. she'll fit there anyway. anisha: i can't play for pea of the nuts moksh: ay BUMMO. me: hahahahaha what? moksh: i meant to say bum and maddu and i ended up saying bummo. :$ anisha[pointing at vinisha]: SATURDAY NIGHT. me: do realise how wrong that looked right? somesh: short shit me: high heels shubham: you guys, today we're getting our chem tests back! srishti: but i'm in commerce. shubham: exactlyy, you didn't write the chem test. that's why you don't have the CHEMISTRY that's there between muds and i. :D me: ..i didn't write that chem test.. shradha: give me eeeverything toniiight.. me[to shubham]: omg is she hitting on me? shradha and shubham: you wish. shubham: it's okay, muds. you manage to make creepiness seem awesome. :D "can i get a high-five for no apparent reason cause we're bums and muds together forever and we find happiness in everything? woohooo" me: charlie! :D vinisha: gingerr! [which means i=fred astaire(dancer singer guy, you know?)] so i=fred, you=george. so you=george, i=gary. so i=gary, you=bob, spongebob.[you know what typo i made with bob? you know? i was scandalised by it] you=bob, spongebob; i=patrick. i=patrick, you=michael. you=michael[aranda you know? chameleon circuit], i=charlie mcdonell! :D yes, i am jobless :3 [kavya was talking about something that sounded like rape and fairies] me[to vinisha]: kavya was talking about fairies and rape. vinisha: well that's how edward cullen was born, right? me: what time is it? armaan[looking at watch-less arm]: it's.. quarter to.. arm hair. deepika's gangsta smiley: ,,, d-.-b {|!|} {|$|} | | | | | | O O now lemme explain it the ,,, represents the hair which is so high cos of gel and shit. the face with headphones playing soulja boy the { to the } is the top half. curly bracket = jacket/hoodie which is too big for the body and the ! with the $ represents bling. the long lines are the legs and the Os are kicks which are too big for their feet me: oh myy god she's in a relationship moksh: with WHAT. me: aman? aman: boliye me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA me: when i was little- aman: how much smaller can you get?! me: entertain me plz somesh: i just hate that line. "entertain me plz". like i'm this joker around here. and you guys say "entertain me plz" like i'm going to juggle balls or something. and then i'll youtube it and send you the link. [moksh and i were laughing at some two guys on a bike] me: let's go follow theem moksh: no. one of them is black. the only people that follow black guys are the cops me: y u no eat breakfaaaast harsh: i no wake up so early. i be have lunch dractly me: y u wake up laaaaate harsh: bcuoz i be have no wark in life me: y u have no wark in liiiiiiife harsh: aisech me: i like kittehs. armaan: i like.. MORTINE me: wut armaan: yeah, i have a thing for insect repellants. armaan: is it just me or is that guy gay? me: no. it's just you. manasi: i can do this stuff with a plaster on one foot and a broken heel on the other kay? i beat chuck norris in a poke battle while beating rajnikanth in a beybattle. manasi: pitbull. only. sings. (not sings. whatev he does. talk rhythmically). about. booty shaking. enrique. only. cries. chem lady: take down the question. sodium offers a.. somesh: offers? BUT WHAT IF WE DON'T ACCEPT IT ahahahaha. [long pause] god i'm so lame.. ayu: miss it's past the time! somesh: miss it's pasta time! me: what's due tomorrow? armaan: child chem: this is a water bath.. somesh: oh it is a water bath can we have bath hahahah [long pause] god I'm so lame manasi: my pen = wings. and my paper = my sky. and one day, I'm going to find nirvana. somesh[about b____ calling up]: arey shitness happened. first she called and I was busy playing pokemon so I wasn't paying attention. then she said she was b____, so I said "good morning maam.." she asked "how are you?" I said I was fine, without realising that I'd bunked xD me: LOL you thought she was going to have a normal conversation with you like hey somesh how are you what's up types? somesh: I didn't have her number so I thought it would be someone I knew so I was gonna abuse and shit but then she said that b____ is talking and all.. so I got saved. me: hahahahah "b____ is talking"?! "Hi" "Heyy what's u-" "B___ IS TALKING" me: gaga ooh la la. :p somesh: blah blah romance :D me: blah blah romance? really somesh? xD somesh: arey I forgot the lyrics. I just sing it as blah blah blahblahblaah blah blah blah romance~ me: HAHAHAHA [later at night I was trying to say something but he wasn't letting me] somesh: I'M NOT LISTENING BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH me: ..romance? somesh[looking at a picture I was showing him] I didn't wanna see his face, man! [ayu and I exchange a concerned look] ayu: then what DID you want to see, somesh? armaan: ..let's just say that she's the kind of person who would go out to battle trainers while carrying 6 magikarps. armaan: I got a bmw today! ..balaji masala wafers somesh: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FAILED ATTEMPTS AT PERSUADING ME TO BUY A BB :D AND YOUR GRAND PRIZE IS THIS MESSAGE BECAUSE THAT'S ALL YOU'RE WORTH :D me: :| somesh: hahahahaha xD okay you are not worth one message man, come on! you know i was joking xD :P you are worth two messages. :D ayu: hahahahahahahha god I'm so funny :'D oh me.. :') me: pick a number. armaan: erm NINE HUNDRED THOUSA- me: noo! between 1 and 100. and don't tell me. armaan: ..does 99 count? jk, fine I thought of one. me: ok now add 50. armaan: wait I can't do that.. okay wait I'll get a calculator.. but I'll have to switch on the lights.. fine I'll do that.. OH GOD MY EYES THEY BURN OH god.. now where's that calculator!? I can't find it anywhere.. hold on.. okay I found one.. yep, done. me: now multiply it by 12. armaan: donee.. me: divide it by 2. armaan: done. me: ok thanks :D armaan: wait.. what..?! me: ..soo what's up? me: you know what jk rowling said? armaan: [pause] I'M ROWLING IN THE DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP me: ..well, no.. [while aksharika, maneeka, ajinkya and I were visiting visiting armaan in hospital] me: oi, you said they didn't have a tv in your room? armaan: no, they shifted me to a new room! now I have a tv, a window and even a painting on the wall.. it's like christmas all over again. :') ayu: I AM THE COOLEST. bum sends me this text: *flings her arms around your neck cause you saved her* *then pulls back halfway coz she's scared she might hurt tiny u* *then thinks "what the hell" & hugs u anyway* [on conference at midnight] somesh: shaan sent me a text with 1000 kisses! [the next day] everyone: shaan did you really send somesh a text with 1000 kisses? shaan: ..WHAT BULLSHIT?! [kids, till today, no one is quite sure of what really happened with your uncle somesh that night.] me: now what? armaan: I know! you should get a map. maps are sexayy.. they got lines and shit.. [ayu aka pasta and I were planning on what to do with the leftover pasta] ayu: does your mom like pasta? me: this some kind of twisted yo mom joke? ayu: hahahahahahhaa you are the funniest person evaaaa! me: I'm only funny around you bbcakes ;D ayu: obviously. cause you steal my funny vibes. somo: dude i wanna play for man united me: go play no? somo: yeah like it's so easy "here, i am somesh i wanna play for your club let me join and give me a kickass salary coz i have come all the way from india" the manager- "yeah sure man.. what else do you want?" me- "i want bitchez a bungalow did i mention bitchez" manager- "yeah you mentioned bitches" okay now i am going off topic.. me: I have a cold armaan: I have a hot, it's permanent, man. somesh[completely out of context]: I like how she makes such a good distraction. me: I like how you can say things like that out of the blue and I always know exactly what you're talking about. :D armaan: I've eaten like 40 faleros already me: NO. how would you like it if you could never eat another falero again? what if one day you just can't bring yourself to appreciate the sweet sugary goodness of a falero because of this one time you ate too many? armaan: YOLO maannn.. YOLO. me: I don't know. ayu: I DON'T know. me: I donut know. ayu: donut. will you get me a donut me: no ayu: why me: donut know. [Somo Ayu Vinisha and I were walking past the field] Somo: omg that grass is so sexy, I wanna play on it, I played on it today, whaaat a field. Me: Somesh it's GRASS you're talking about. Vinisha: what's all this about Somesh and fields? Ayu: Somesh we've already heard about how you wanna do the field and have little grass-babies with it.. Vinisha: whoa I'm gone for like, one week, and all this happens? Somo's given up on guys and moved on to GRASS? [bum and I were sitting facing each other and talking] bum: we look like one of those people who take part in that speed dating thing. me: HI THERE tell me a little bit about yourself bum: [creepy stare] I have had five women in my life so far. three imaginary girlfriends. my mother. and my grandmother. rohit: that's how I roll. yea that's how I SHAWARMA. doctor: you were born in battle, full of blood and anger and revenge. remind you of someone? [pointing at the part-human, part-time lord version of himself] he was that's me when we first met, and you made me better. now you can do the same for him. rose: but he's not you! doctor: he needs you. that's very me. on a side note. does anyone even read my favourite quotes? if so don't judge me cause doctor who sappiness makes me feel mushy gushy more than intentionally sappy television romance. :') me: jeesh do you live under a rock or something? ayu: weelll I do live under a blanket most of the time.. somo: you're not funny me: I'M FUNNY! the kids think I am! what, they don't? OF COURSE I AM, TAKE A LOOK AT MY TV RATINGS! huh? they're suing me? BUT I'M THEIR STAR SHOW! what? I'm not on a show? huh? I'm on drugs? what? I'm on drugs? huh?

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