Maahi Vaishnav


moko kahan dhunde bande .. kabir das ji Sant Kabir says to see the best place for God in the heart of your heart. Lyrics: - Moko Kahan dunder re bande Main tere pas na na my my my Tirath Murat Kanth Nivas na na na my my my na kabe Kailas Mandir Masjid my head to my pas tere bande Main pas na na my my main jap tap my main tere Kriya main na karm nahin jog my rahata Sanya my nahin nahin Pran my pind my na na my Brahmand akash my prakuti pravar Gupha my nahin ki svasan svans my khoji HoyeJaun ek pal ki TURATE million Talash my kahet Kabir Suno Bhai sadho Main vishvas my hun ...... Main vishvas to my hun About Sant KABIR DAS JI - Sant Kabir Jayanti on the Purnima or full moon day in the month observed Jyeshta (May-June) to traditional calendar. It is believed that Sant Kabirdas was born on that day. The birthday of Sant Kabir is observed in India and around the world. Meetings, satsang and recital Sant Cabiri poems are held on the day. In 2009, theSant Kabir Jayanti is the date of the 7th June. Sant Kabir was refused a revolutionary poet and saint and religious reformer who used the tag of a specific religion by the acceptance of all religions and by the disclosure, the same Supreme Being appears in all religions. Kabirdas called himself the child of Lord Ram and Allah. It is during the 15th have lived for centuries AD. Weber wrote a work, Sant Kabir many poems praising the size of the unit of the Supreme Being. He could...

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