Mashail Al-Naimi


"I am not a princess, but the crown fits" " Silence is a woman's glory" ---Aristotle These are from Jordan trip..and i guess only those who went onthe trip will understand them...if u have anymore,plz send them over... (written by Mark and stolen from Dana K) Ahmed: Wein 3a Ramallah, wein 3a Ramallah 3amo Ramzi: Nusht hundred Romel: You have to account the score Fadi's smile ma3el mafia hair combed back Dana's dish washing and the i-pod music the cement mixing the truck zay il ghanam Mark's obsession with chicken!!! Mashail,Safia,Jazmine: il rouuuuuuuuuuuuu77777 Nancy: They call me the water Hitler... Jenny: I am getting married soon, i'm soo excited!! it me ur looking for?!

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