Melanie Cattell


Your never below anyone ,people just think they're above you- I stole this from Alex Stodulka WAY back in 2003, only his was your never above anyone people just think theyre below you. I had to reverse it :) Pull the lever Kronk, WRROONNGG LEVVVEEERRR -ysma :D No touchy!! -kuzco "Yay im a llama again!!!" -Kuzco "You threw off my groove!" - Kuzco from Emperors new groove "One should choose his words as carefully as he chooses his friends" - from the prince caspian movie "For Aslan" - Bear from prince caspian "And all those other wonderful people he was the son of" - Brian Evans, assistant pastor to Gilbert halloway haha, he was reading from the bible and took a short cut and thats what he ended up with. Leave! NOW! And NEVER come BACK!- Smeagle :D

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