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■[On Girl's not Grey]: " The song is based on detachment, seclusion and separation, but I intentionally don't write in a way that is very specific so that people can take what they need to from my songs. When I was growing up there were songs that meant a lot to me, and then I found out they meant something entirely different to the artist, and it ruined it for me. I never want to do that to someone." -Davey Havok Interviewer: I don't want to be rude but you guys are a bunch of weirdo freaks. Do the locals abuse you in the street in Ukiah? Davey: "The time I went back before last I got whistled at by some hicks in a truck. I was flattered but I'm not sure they were really interested" ■Interviewer: I read something somewhere about 'the monster'. Davey, I wanted you maybe to explain something about the monster that came out. I was just wondering if you could share that with our viewers. Davey: I don't know what the monster is. There is a monster. [Adam is giggling in the background] It happens in the studio, sometimes it happens on stage, [Adam can't control his giggling] and it's in my neck. Interviewer: It's in your neck. Show that. Davey: [points] Right about here. Sometimes it happens when I'm just talking, like I'd be talking to you and the monster bites me. Interviewer: Alright. Davey: It hurts. Adam: He could just be standing there and all of a sudden just DROP ['dropping' arm motion] and be on the floor. Davey: Because of the monster. Interviewer: Man. Due to the monster? Jade: People probably think we're a weird band because of this. People listening to this are probably thinking we're just weird. Davey: Yeah I mean, this is not an attempt to be whack.

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