Lucy Reynolds


"i should've driven here. wait...i can't drive" "don't hurt me! i'm the token black person!" Lydia - i haff really flexible hamstrings Dr Love - girls..girlss.. Jess - Dr Love, can you put your leg over your shoulder too? Lydia - OR FIT YOUR FIST IN YOUR MOUTH?! "partyy at myyy churrcch!" "soo..i was shopping at my local shop.." "i used to drip.." "i recommend electrocution for that" "i need to get my tits out for that equation" "thats why its the men-strual cycle" "when are you leaving?" "whheeeenn youuuurrr mum comes home from church!" "my mum's jewish you twat" Dr Love - Hess' Law Jess - with a j that would be Jess' Law Me - yeah, and with an L U C and Y it'd be Lucy's law. "i think i'm about to...EEEEEEEE" dr love - it was about 11 jess - omg, thats so strong its not even on that scale me - what? the one that goes from 1 to 14..? dr love - it begins with d... me - DOG! dr love - ... lydia - DIMPLES! me - DOLPHIN! mhairi - DIFRACTION! [something like thatt...] tash - i can't have a square pool. beth - eeww that ones got an indoor pool! i dont like it! me - i just hate circular pools travel agent - want a freeform pool then? "if you listen to DMX the baby comes out going grrrr" me: hye ran, come with me to reception please.. hye ran: NO me: er..why? hye ran: becaaaauuse the food is HERE. "you could win the lottery, also you could get an A in physics AS.." "Atticus, Atticus, Dill's here!" "Have a bubble!" "NO! That's a gummy bear! You're getting confused!" "God no! I was gonna write coco pops!" "you're like..the mother teresa of animals!" "oh, i forgot you had arms!" "it's fine, we're all ventriliquists" "oh yeah, i forgot you're not married" "why would you suck a sausage when you're eating it?" LOL! "1km is a really long way...that's longer than my arm..." yeh Jes..

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