Lukrecija Pavković


'Love and cough cannot be hid.' 'You can cut all the flowers, but you can't prevent spring from coming.' - P. N. 'a chord, stronger or weaker, is snaped as under in every parting, and time's busy fingers are not practised in resplicing broken ties. Meet again you may; will it be in the same way? With the same sympathies? Will the souls, hurrying on in diverse paths unite once more, as if the interval had been a dream? Rarely, rarely.' - E. G. L. 'if you carry your childhood within, you never become old.' - T. S. 'beauty isnt worth thinking about. Whats important is your mind. You dont want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head.' - G. K. 'the moment of that kiss contained every happy moment I had ever lived.' - P. C. 'Ljubav nije paradajz.' - S. P. 'one person's crazyness is another person's reality.' - T. B.

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