Luisa Zissman hired computer geeks in a bid to cheat rival Helen Flanagan to a telly gong, we can reveal. The fame-hungry 26-year-old won a National Reality TV Awards with help from East Midlands marketing firm Luisa Zissman hired East Midlands computer geeks in a bid to win National reality TV Awards A East Midlands based marketing firm has been inundated with inquiries after showbiz reporters revealed how their computer experts helped TV reality star Luisa Zissman beat a rival to a television award. National newspaper journalists discovered that seo77 whose head office is in Sherwood Park, Nottingham had been contacted by Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother Luisa in the run up to the National Reality TV Awards. Computer geeks at the company ran a complex system designed to boost Luisa’s Twitter following by hundreds of thousands. And the 26 year old beauty ended up beating I’m a Celebrity rival Helen Flanagan to the Best Female Personality award and the star later claimed she was “humbled.” But she was far from happy when reporters from The Sun – who had separately given her the newspaper’s “best boobs” award – revealed that she had paid seo77 to boost her image before the award show. The firm also developed a software “bot” – an automated programme – designed to bombard the National Reality TV Awards, held last September, with votes from fake people using random names and emails. The newspaper expose (published on February 25, 2014*) included details of a message sent by Luisa toseo77 before the awards show, asking them: “Hi, start the vote thing and use payment you took for my website towards it.” TV Awards bosses have insisted that a rigid security system was in place to prevent vote-rigging. But jubilant Luisa later wrote to seo77: “I won!!!! Will pay you in the morning.” When The Sun approached Luisa she denied being involved. There is no suggestion she has done anything illegal. But company founder and SEO Geek David Redfern said: “seo77 can confirm that on client instruction, we designed and implemented a bot system which was programmed to automate votes in favour of one particular nominee shortlisted for the NRTV Awards 2013. “Although we are confident that the nominee would have won the award regardless, it is our firm belief that the program was effective and certainly assisted our client in their endeavours. “Observing client privacy is fundamental to seo77 business practice, however now that the story is regrettably in the public domain, we seek to identify the source and reserve our rights to take lawful action.” seo77 is an online marketing company involved in web design and search engine optimization for ten years. David added: “Search engine optimisation is an internet marketing technique used to improve the visibility of a website so that it ranks highly in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. “It helps improve a company’s visibility online, expand their business and attract new customers." “It’s is about editing, or creating a website so that it will gain natural listings on search engines.“Very few of us look past the first result page when searching for something online. Which is why a business cannot afford to not be listed on page one. “Search engine optimisation puts your website right in front of customers at the moment they are thinking about making a purchase. “We work with clients across all industry sectors. We’ve been developing and optimising websites for over ten years and between them our team has decades of experience.” The company has over 100 clients. seo77 is head office is based at Icon Technology Park, Lake View Drive, Sherwood Park, Nottingham but have office's in Nottingham and Derbyshire

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