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"I have seen the top of the mountain." - Butt-Head Welcome to "It's a Nutty,Nutty,Nutty World" - Daria "There's no free lunch." "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." - Rick Blaine "And that woz the last time I saw him/her." "And then my friend..." - Beavis n Butt-Head "Ţi-e rău? Înseamnă că ţi a fost şi bine." - Cat Cătălina "Noi să fim sănătoşi, că boala vine de la sine." - Alexandra Slave "A o da din fanta'n pepsi"; "Truist" - Popescu Andrei-Vlad "Nu dau nimic! Nu e fata mea!" - Costache Giurgiuveanu "What is it like not to feel anything?" - Finn "I don't think about you anymore,but I don't think about you anyless" - Hungry Ghosts "Life is just a dream on the way to death" - The Crow-City of angels

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