Lauren Ramdhan


"there is no end. there is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life. - fortune cookie ♥" - "you will recive a fortune cookie"- a fortune cookie (reemas) - *looks at magazine* "Um rach do yo know what this means? that this lady lost 100 lbs, she lost a whole ME!" - Lauren ( yours truely) - Crack - CUT -Curry- MHM. lol -SEAN :D In school Bravo: the report card could come in 2 days and .... a day.." Me: thats 3 days bravo... "I only had a banana for breakfast" - Gio with a sad face Me: "Oh, well I had pancakes!" Fail. LOL poor Gio! "Girl that's no penny its a quarter!" <333 In these economic times!

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