Lauren Hoffman


"Put out or give up." me "Their bubbles got popped by the hanger or life." me "Im perfectly imperfect" unknown "fuck love" me, nadia, ethan, and evan "and i was like Woahhh! and then i was like woah.. and then i was like WOAH!!" unknown "Boobies and beer is the best things in life. Just dont mix the two." nadia and me "Even though my teddy bear wont hug back. She is all i have." unknown "I would have wrote you a love song but i cant sing." j bigga "'lauren! Laurlena! Laur- ahh yeah! Take it off you dirty girl!' 'douche canoe why did you put peanut butter on me?" ethan then me "Motherfucker i asked for extra kectup and they gave me one fucking packet" nadia "Motherfucker ima kick your fucking ass. Kiss my fat ass. Noo. Bitch. Noo nisa dont cry. Go hug lauren you little ho." nadia "'im white but im feeling ghetto right now''listen to eminem then'" me then nadia "oh really? Oh really? Well suck my dick. Oh hii mommy" ethan "Ive been used. Just like the condom over there. And there. This park is nasty" clevland

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