Laviola Agrin


"i know im not that perfect person but at least,im not a fake."-me "no one will ever see me cry."-me "be yourself,dont take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive."-gerard way "if a person loves only one other person,and is indifferent to his fellow men,his love is not love but symbiotic attachment,or an enlarged egotism"-germaine greer "revolution is the festival of the oppressed."-germaine greer "i aint stupid ,im just very different."-me "money comes an goes.time just goes.spend it wisely."-angelsplit "My problem is i dont listen.society tells me to be dishonest strive for money,lie,cheat and be 2D.for some reason,i think that if i listen to this my life will get easier.FUCK THAT."-angelsplit "offensive is frequently but synonym for unusual"-john ray jr. "relax,we're all gonna die."-pen jillete "whenever you find yourself of the majority,its time to pause and reflect."-mark twain "life is too important to be taken seriously."-oscar wilde

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