Ola El Ahmad Younes


لا يهمني من يتكلم وراء ظهري فيكفيني أنه يخرس عندما يلمح قدمي it takes years to build up trust, and just seconds to destroy it. Those Who Gossip To You .. Gossip About You ;) المرأة هي نصف المجتمع وهي التي تلد و تربي النصف الآخر Me !! Weird ?:O No Bitch I'm Limited Edition :D u idiot copies Don't Hate Me Cz Am Cute & Sweet .. Hate Cz U Can't Compete , I Keep It Real . I May Be Mean But I'm Honest . Don't Hate What U Cant Imitate ! I Have My Own Life & Style . I'm Not Trying To Please U Or Make U Smile ... Love Me Or... Hate Me !! In Both Ways I'm On Ur Mind ...leloup I'm Selfish,impatient,& a little inscure I make mistakes,I am Out Of Control & at times hard to handle.But If U can't handle me at my worst Then U sure as hell Don't deserve me at my Best....(marlin monro) EN lam Takon LeLoup fa anta 7ayawan a5ar :P - MY RULES : 1) I'm "Always" Right . 2) Just In Case I'm Wrong See Rule Number 1

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